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Our Team

Advisers, Enablers, & Advocates

Our partners each bring decades of experience working with and for some of the world’s most successful retailers and consumer brands, as well as the service and solution companies that support them both.

They are industry insiders who have spent their careers collaborating with teams all over the world, helping them develop and execute plans for launching hundreds of products, services, and companies.

Matt Fifer – Managing Partner

Matt Fifer is a former Walmart executive who spent nearly 13 years leading teams in store and club operations, people development, marketing, and international mergers and acquisitions.
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Jon Dowda – Partner

Born to small business owners, Jon Dowda has spent most of his life very close to the business of retail.
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Jim Demaree – Partner

Jim identifies, leads, and develops successful strategies and campaigns that help suppliers scale and optimize their businesses.
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Stu Todd – Partner

Stu has 15 years of experience leading cross-functional Walmart and Sam's Club business development teams and has developed an in-depth understanding of how these retailers operate.
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