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We Love Retail!

After spending more than 35 years in the retail industry, Matt (our founder) started Supplier Community CONNECT! because…

If 30+ years in the industry has taught us anything, it’s that successful people and teams listen a whole lot more than they speak.

It’s a practice that serves us well, especially at the beginning of new client engagements, when we’re trying to get to the root causes of issues or understand the scale of opportunities.

Our process of discovery normally takes days, not weeks, and makes us far more effective as partners in planning and implementation.

Whether you are a brand team at the beginning of your journey, an established company needing help with optimization, we’re here to help.

We are the first-of-its-kind agency to specialize in partnering with service-providing companies of every size, stage, and category from all over the world, helping them develop and execute strategies designed to help them grow.

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